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News 09 Jul 12

Five Injured in Albania Land Mine Blast

Five people were injured on Sunday after a mine laid during the Kosovo conflict exploded in the village of Cerem, in the Northern region of Tropoja, bordering Montenegro.

Besar Likmeta

Local media reported that all five injured were ethnic Albanians from Montenegro who were crossing the border.

The injured were transferred to the hospital in Bajram Curri and two remain in serious condition. 

More than 238 people have been injured over the past decade by mines along Albania’s northern border.

With the help of United Nations Development Program, which worked to clear the area of ordinances left from the war, Albania’s government declared the area mine free in 2010.

As part of the programme, more than 12,000 anti-personnel and 152 anti-tank mines were cleared, and almost 5,000 unexploded ordnances were found and destroyed.   

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