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news 08 Jun 12

Kosovo Serb Arrested For Policeman's Death

EU police arrested a Kosovo Serb in the north of the country, wanted for the killing last July of Enver Zymberi a Kosovo Albanian policeman.

Fatmir Aliu

The European Union rule of law mission, EULEX, arrested a Kosovo Serb wanted for the murder of an ethnic Albanian policeman a year ago in the Serb-controlled north of the country.

Media said EULEX detained Slobodan Vucinic in the village of Zupce, near Mitrovica. He has been wanted since last July for the murder of Enver Zymberi.

Vucinic's father, Blagoje, was also arrested in the operation, but was released later that day from police custody.

“The arrest took place this morning in Mitrovica. The individual was one of six people for whom international wanted notices were issued in October 2011,” EULEX noted.

The Mitrovica district prosecutor has issued arrest warrants against Ratomir Bozovic, Radovan Radic, Milovan Vlaskovic, Slobodan Vucinic and Dusan Jovanovic, all Kosovo Serbs, for Zymeri's murder in clashes between Kosovo police and Kosovo Serbs last July.

In January, EULEX arrested Radisa Vucinic, brother of one of the wanted men, but released him days after.

The Mitrovica prosecutor has suggested on several occasions that the suspects may be hiding in neighbouring Serbia.

Zymberi was killed a day after the government of Kosovo imposed trade sanctions on products from Serbia.

After the arrest of Vucinic, local Serbs blocked the main Mitrovica-Leposavic road at the village of Zupce, preventing all vehicles from passing, including KFOR peacekeepers.

Tensions between Kosovo and Serbia mounted last July when Kosovo police tried to seize control of the two border crossings with Serbia at Jarinje and Brnjak, which NATO troops have controlled since Kosovo declared independence in 2008.

Since then, the situation in the north has remained tense, and local Serbs continue to block major roads in the region.

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