Analysis 14 Feb 18

Croats Ponder ‘Grand Coalition’ to End Political Deadlock

As Germany moves towards the installation of a new left-right coalition government, some say that Croatia may have to consider the same option.

Relja Dusek

Croatian Parliament. Photo: Wikimedia/Geologicharka

A “grand coalition” between Croatia's two main rival parties, the ruling centre-right Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, and the opposition Social Democratic Party, SDP, may be the only way out of country’s unending political deadlock, a leading analyst has said.

Croatia has been by ruled by these two parties ever since it declared independence in 1991.

However, despite their dominance of the political scene, they have both always needed smaller coalition partners to form governments.

This polarization of the political scene has deepened since the last parliamentary elections in 2015 and early elections held in 2016, as the two main “kingmaker” parties – the List of Independent Candidates – Most [Bridge], and the Croatian Peoples Party, HNS, have lost much of their support due to internal divisions.

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