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04 Feb 13

Croatia to Promote its Culture Across Europe

Zagreb wants to teach Europe about Croatian art, literature and cultural heritage before it joins the EU this year.

Culturnet.hr, HINA Zagreb

As well as participating in several large-scale European art events, Zagreb is planning to create a network of cultural attaches around Europe that will serve as a basis to establish Croatian institutes in various countries in the future.

Deputy culture minister Berislav Sipus spoke on Monday of a series of projects aimed at promoting Croatian culture in the months before and after the country’s expected EU accession on July 1.

The first of these was the Welcome Croatia festival which started in London two weeks ago and will run through the first half of 2013, highlighting the country’s film, music, visual arts, sport, cuisine, archaeology and history through a series of exhibitions, talks and seminars.

Croatia will also present its literature at this year’s London Book Fair for the first time and participate in the International Book Fair in Leipzig in Germany.

One of the most important cultural promotions for Croatia will take place at the Culturescapes festival in Switzerland, which this year is focusing on the Balkans region.

Sipus said that Croatia intended to go on expanding its cultural presence in Europe.

“Cultural attaches will be gradually replaced with a ‘Croatian House’ in important cities and countries,” he said.

He added that were also efforts to bring together the Austro-Hungarian heritage of Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Croatia for one joint cultural programme.

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