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EU Tells Croatia to Abandon Famed Prosek Wine

Croatian vintners will no longer be able to market "Prosek" wine because the EU says the word is too similar to the Italian word “Prosecco”.

Croatia Week, Tportal

Prosecco, produced in the Italian wine regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, already enjoys legal brand protection under EU rules.

Although it is a sparkling wine, while Prosek is a sweet wine made from very different grapes, the EU has come down hard on the latter.

Prosek will not be allowed to be sold in shops or restaurants in Croatia or abroad, and they will not even be allowed to sell current stock as Prosek once 1 July passes.

The news has angered Croatian winemakers who were only notified of the news just weeks ahead of Croatia’s EU entry, due on July 1.

"It is an established brand that has been produced in Dalmatia for centuries. I think one of our negotiators did not do a good job; we are surprised and taken aback,“ Andro Tomic, multiple award-winning Prosek winemaker from the island of Hvar told Tportal.

Croatia’s Ministry of Agriculture has refused to explain why they left it so late to explain the decision, and why the European Commission asked Croatia to withdraw its application to protect the term “Prosek”.

Tportal says that the term “Vino Dalmato” is being suggested as a possible replacement.

Talk about it!

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