News 20 Mar 17

Montenegrin Officer Held for War Crimes in Croatia

A former Yugoslav People’s Army naval officer from Montenegro is being held on remand in Croatia on suspicion of commanding attacks on the coastal town of Sibenik in 1991.

Sven Milekic
Sibenik. Photo: Pixabay/Tom1000

The county court in the Croatian coastal city of Split will decide by the end of the week if 54-year-old Cedomir Borojevic, a retired Yugoslav People’s Army naval officer can leave the remand prison while the case is being investigated, Croatian news agency HINA reported on Monday.

Borojevic is suspected of committing war crimes in the coastal town of Sibenik in 1991, when he was a navy division commander.

He allegedly ordered a patrol boat to launch attacks on the town, causing serious damage to buildings and cultural heritage, as well as injuring several people.

Borojevic, who holds both Montenegrin and Croatian citizenship, was arrested at the border at the weekend while entering Croatia from Montenegro.

He was remanded in custody for a month on Sunday, with bail set at 30,000 euros, but has appealed against the order.

The Split attorney’s office, which is conducting the investigation, asked for the custody remand, fearing he may leave Croatia.

Two other high-ranking former Yugoslav People’s Army officers who are suspected of the same crime are still at large.

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