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news 31 Jul 14

Croatia Puts Flood Bill at 200 Million Euro

Floods that hit the region in May caused Croatia damage worth around 200 million euro, officials say, and the figure is still rising.

Sven Milekic

Croatia’s Deputy Interior Ministry, Petar Tonkovic, revealed the bill for the May floods on Wednesday as he presented a report on implementation of measures to cope with flood damage and repair the terrain in Vukovar-Syrmia County, which was worst hit by the rain.

Tonkovic reported that the cost of the damage done to 7,402 private properties, such as houses, garages and agricultural facilities, amounted to 160 million euro. Of the 7402 buildings, 624 are classified as “hazardous” and thus unfit for living or for use.

Damage to infrastructure, including the sewage system, electricity network, roads, will cost Croatia another 30 million euro, creating extra problems for people returning to their homes.

About 8,500 hectares of agricultural land has been ruined, costing at least 7.3 million euro.

More than 9,000 livestock and pets have been evacuated, while more than 11,000 animals died, with no assessment of their worth.

The number of people killed in the floods has stayed the same, at two, while the updated list of evacuated people now numbers 8,951 persons.

Authorities have spent 1.7 million euro on their temporary accommodation and that sum is rising, as a large number are still waiting to return home.

In total, 22 million euro has been spent up till now on addressing flood-related problems.

Fortunately, the report states, no flood-related epidemics have erupted among animals or people, no upsurge in crime has occurred and accommodation and healthcare has been provided for all the evacuees.

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