news 02 May 13

Croatia Opens New Border Crossings With Bosnia

Two new border crossings between Croatia and Bosnia will ease traffic between the two neighbouring countries as well as meeting EU standards.

Elvira M. Jukic

Croatia has opened two new border crossings in the south with Bosnia at Zaton Doli and Klek, aimed at easing traffic between the two countries at the same time as fulfilling EU standards before the country's membership starts in July.

The two border crossings with five, instead of two, traffic lanes in each direction will allow for easier transport.

They also will separate Croats and EU citizens from Bosnians and other passengers who will be checked at different gates.

The new crossings will have EU standardized checks on goods transported between Croatia and Bosnia.

Croatia plans to update many other border crossings as part of their EU membership process.

Croatian TV Nova reported that the two new border crossings cost around 13.8 million euro.

Bosnians currently travel to Croatia only with ID cards, but it is still unclear whether they will need passports from July, when Croatia joins the European Union.

Bosnia's Security Ministry has had several meetings over the issue with Croatian counterparts, stating the hope that the same regime will remain in force after Croatia joins the EU.

Many citizens living near the 1,000km-long Croatian border have jobs or assets in the neighboring country.

So far Croatia has invested around 60 million euro in updated border crossings. It plans to invest 40 million more, alongside 120 million euro from EU funds designated for such purposes.

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