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News 21 Jan 15

Croatia Medics Back Legalizing Medical Marijuana

A medical expert commission has advised the Croatian government to change the law in order to enable marijuana to be used for medical purposes.

Sven Milekic


Medical marijuana. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An expert commission formed in the Croatian health ministry in December has decided that usage of marijuana for medical purposes should be legalised.

Consisting of doctors and medical experts, the panel concluded that use of marijuana in some medical treatments can be useful, according to new scientific and medical research.

“The Commission, taking into account the latest scientific and medical knowledge, and the fact that patients in Croatia buy cannabis on the black market, has concluded that it is necessary to regulate the cultivation, processing, transport and regulation of cannabis for medical purposes,” the commission report states.

“The existing legislation should be altered and effective control mechanisms undertaken that allow for the use of cannabis for medical purposes, and prevent misuse,” the report says.

The Commission said the existing law on preventing misuse of drugs should be altered, removing cannabis from the first category on the official drug list. Usage of first-category drugs is permitted only in experimental purposes.

Marijuana should be put in second or third category, in order to enable its use for medical purposes, the Commission stated.

The Commission said that the current law on preventing misuse of drugs only encourages patients to use drugs illegally, for which they risk prosecution.

Altering the law and putting marijuana in a lower category would resolve this issue and make marijuana less expensive and more available to patients.

Usage of cannabis is currently forbidden in Croatia, whatever the purpose.


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