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26 Apr 13

Arts Biennale Kicks Off in Bosnian Bunker

For the next five months the abandoned military underground nuclear shelter in Konjic, Bosnia, will again become a showcase for trends in contemporary art.

BIRN Sarajevo

A Cold War-era bunker built for Yugoslav Army officials for the second time is hosting the 2nd Biennale of Contemporary Art, "D-0 Ark Underground", from April 26 to September 26, bringing works of 35 artist from 19 different countries.

The project, which the Council of Europe called the best cultural event in 2011, will be curated by Branko Franceschi from Croatia and Bashak Shenove from Turkey.

An article written by Franceschi stated that the artists will try to bring alive the bewitching world of the nuclear shelter, located 280 metres below ground.

"The artists reflect the complexities that D-0 Ark represents, and will return it to the people who paid for its construction, and for whom it was never intended".

Artist at this year's biennale in Konjic:

 Adel Abidin (Bagdad/Helsinki), Alban Muja (Pristina), Alfredo Pirri (Rome), Almin Zrno (Sarajevo), Apparatus 22 i Studio Basar (Bucharest), Armin Linke (Berlin), Autopsia (Prague/Novi Sad), Banu Cennetoglu i Yasemin Ozcan (Istanbul), Brian Dailey (Washington), Carl Michael von Hausswolff (Stockholm), Carlo Crovato (London), Conor McGrady (Buren/New York), Cynthia Zaven (Beirut), Dalibor Martinis (Zagreb), Danica Dakic (Sarajevo/Dussseldorf), Daniel Garcia Andujar (Barcelona), Dario Solman (Split /NewYork), Edin Numankadic (Sarajevo), Edo Murtic (Zagreb), Emre Erkal (Ankara), Ibro Hasanovic (Brussels/Sarajevo), Igor Bosnjak (Trebinje), Janos Sugar (Budapest), Kim Cascone (San Francisco), Laibach (Ljubljana), Luchezar Boyadjiev (Sofia), Miroslaw Balka (Warshaw), Nenad Malesevic (Banja Luka/Belgrade), Nemanja Cvijanovic (Rijeka), Paul Devens (Maastricht), Renata Poljak (Zagreb/Split), Saeri Kiritani (Kanazava/New York), Simona Dumitriu (Bucharest), STEALTH.unlimited (Belgrade/Rotterdam) i Yane Calovski (Skopje).

About 80 artworks from 28 countries left over from the first biennale are also on show in the shelter that covers some 6,500 square metres and contains hundreds of rooms.

Held under the name "Time Machine-No Network", the first Dark-0 Underground exhibits were chosen by Petar Cukovic from Montenegro and Branislav Dimitrijevic from Serbia.

The remaining artworks together with the new ones, according to Franceschi, will "add the flesh of vision, light and sound to the remaining structure of a skeleton that spends its time in the darkness".  

The Culture Ministers of Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia and Turkey have all confirmed their presence at the opening on Friday.

Visitors can see the exhibition only three days a week, and must first inform the tourist office of Konjic, because the nuclear shelter is still in the ownership of the Bosnian defence ministry.

Visitors can enter the site on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am, 12am and 2pm.


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