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06 Feb 13

Show Spotlights Serbia's Violent Culture

An archive of medical documentation of victims of violence in Serbia, entitled the Museum of Violence, opens at the Belgrade Cultural Centre.

Nemanja Cabric
BIRN Belgrade
Injuries on a LGBT person | Photo courtesy of Kulturpunkt

An unusual artistic take of the problem of violence in Serbian society goes on show from February 6 to 22 in KCB's Podrum gallery.

Exhibits in the "Museum of Violence" include X-ray records, personal testimonies and medical documentation on injuries inflicted both in private and in public as a result of discrimination, violence in the family, and violence among minors and against minorities and other marginalized groups.

The exhibition is the work of KulturPark, an organization that since 2011 has produced special cultural programmes and participates in creating cultural policies directed towards young people.

The director of Kulturpark, Radojica Buncic, told Balkan Insight that some 10 cases would be on display at the Museum of Violence, along with lectures, debates and workshops about violence.

“This is only our first step, as we plan to tour Serbia with this exhibition,” Buncic said.

He added that the idea included the possibility of organized school classes about violence, and several schools had already confirmed that they wished to attend.

“The first [cases] that we collected were all from people we know, but later on anonymous contribution began to fill our archives,” he said.

The medical findings on show are all the results of hate speech, prejudice, discrimination, physical violence, nationalism, chauvinism, homophobia, racism and xenophobia.  

One case of violence, according to Buncic, is a well-known case of a citizen beaten by police officers, and another is about a person who was stabbed at last year’s Beer Fest.

Some of the objects were donated anonymously by victims of violence through an open call organized on the exhibition website

 The Museum of Violence is being supported by USAID.

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