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02 Nov 09

Clinton: Rwanda Guilt Led to Kosovo Intervention

President Bill Clinton has revealed that guilt over his failure to stop the Rwandan genocide led to the US’s fast intervention in Kosovo
Clinton made the comments during an address to Kosovo’s parliament on Sunday. He is in the country for the unveiling of a statue in his honour.

He said he was so preoccupied with “getting into Bosnia” that he “missed” the 1994 massacre of Tutsis by their Hutu neighbours.
He told the parliament: “I missed it [the Rwandan genocide]. It was gone in 90 days.
“It explains why we were so quick to come here.”
He told the parliament that Kosovo’s progress had exceeded expectations. He said: “You have done better than your critics thought you would but you have also done better than your friends thought you would.”
A statue of former US president Bill Clinton has been unveiled in Pristina on Sunday in the presence of the man himself.
Clinton is viewed as a hero by Kosovo Albanians, due to his support for NATO’s military intervention in 1999.

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