comment 06 Mar 17

Centenary of Strange Vanishing Act Still Haunts Montenegro

As the hundredth anniversary of the sudden abolition of the Montenegrin state looms next year, it is time to take another look at one of the strangest disappearing acts in history.

Marcus Tanner
 Montenegrin troops in 1918.

While the world waits to see when, how or even whether Russia marks the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, an equally divisive centenary is looming the following year on a much smaller scale in Montenegro.

No one can seriously liken the events of November 1918 in Montenegro to the “ten days that shook the world” in Russia, of course.

But they certainly shook Montenegro. Indeed, the aftershocks have continued to shape politics in that country, as recent events, including last October’s alleged pro-Russian coup last year, go to show.

The old white-and-green divide, between supporters and opponents of union with Serbia, remains as firmly in place now as it did in 1918.

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