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News 04 Nov 16

Actress's Role in 'Trainspotting' Sequel Stuns Bulgaria

The appearance of Bulgarian actress Anjela Nedyalkova in the trailer for the sequel to the cult 1990s movie 'Trainspotting' has startled people in Bulgaria - who had no idea she had a part.

Mariya Cheresheva
Anjela Nedyalkova. Photo: Filmfestival Linz/Flickr

Anjela Nedyalkova appeared beside famous UK actor Ewan McGregor, who plays the character of Renton from Irvine Welsh’s cult novel "Trainspotting", in the trailer for "Trainspotting 2", released on Thursday.

Nedyalkova, known from the award-winning Bulgarian films "Eastern Plays" and "Ave", had not revealed that she was in the cast of the long-awaited sequence to "Trainspotting".

The trailer went viral in Bulgaria, where observant "Trainspotting" fans also spotted a pot of jam - the famous communist-era dog rose jam - in a scene with Nedyalkova and McGreggor.

The continuation of the "Trainspotting" saga, which reunites the original cast and director of the 1996 Danny Boyle film, is due to be released at the end of January 2017.

It brings together the original characters – Renton [Ewan McGregor], Francis Begbie [Robert Carlyle], Sick Boy [Johny Lee Miller] and Spud [Ewan Bremner] – 20 years later, when they have overcame their heroin addiction and become involved in the porn industry.

Nedyalkova was not listed on the cast of "Trainspotting 2" on IMDB, but, according to the Scottish press, she plays Nikki, the fifth protagonist from the original novel. Her character is a 25-year old film student, who works in a massage salon and has been attracted to the new porn business of Renton’s crew.

The young Bulgarian actress never graduated the National Film Academy in Sofia, where she briefly studied to be a film director.

However, she is one of Bulgaria’s brightest young talents. Her latest role was in "The Paradise Suite", the Dutch entry for the Best Foreign Language Film in the 88th Oscar Awards in 2016. 

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