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Bosnian Serb to be Extradited from Israel

Former Bosnian Serb soldier Aleksandar Cvetkovic, suspected of participation in the Srebrenica genocide in 1995, will be extradited to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Israel.

Justice Report

The Bosnian justice ministry said that war crimes suspect Cvetkovic, who is now an Israeli citizen, would be extradited on Thursday.

“We were informed by Israel about the extradition in late June. We hope it will be carried out successfully [on Thursday] with assistance from the border police and Interpol,” ministry spokesperson Marina Bakic told BIRN.

Cvetkovic was arrested in Israel in January 2011, after Bosnia and Herzegovina filed a request for his extradition.

The Bosnian prosecution suspects Cvetkovic, a former member of the 10th Sabotage Squad of the Bosnian Serb Army, of participating in mass murders at Branjevo farm near the Bosnian town of Zvorik after Srebrenica fell in July 1995.

According to Israeli media, Cvetkovic denied having participated in the massacre, claiming he was an army driver during the fall of Srebrenica.

Israel’s supreme court however dismissed his appeal against extradition.

Cvetkovic moved to Israel in 2006. According to information from the Israeli authorities, he married an Israeli and they have two children, which allowed him to acquire citizenship of the country.

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