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News 12 Dec 17

Bosnians Break World Record for Simultaneous Piano-Playing

A multi-ethnic group of music students from Sarajevo and Eastern Sarajevo set a new Guinness world record as 20 of them played the same piece on the same piano simultaneously.

Igor Spaic
20 students from Sarajevo played on the same piano simultaneously

A huge round of applause filled the lobby of Sarajevo’s City Hall on Tuesday as 100 fingers hit the right notes of Albert Lavignac’s ‘Galop Marche’ together, setting a new Guinness world record.

The players broke the previous record of 18 people playing the same piece simultaneously in Italy in 2014. 

The record attempt was organised by an association for the promotion of piano-playing and piano music, Tattile, which gathered the 20 music students from music schools in the Bosniak-Croat part of Sarajevo and from the part of the city located in Republika Srpska. 

A cluster of children surrounded the piano, with some of them lying on top of it and playing upside down. 

The performance was coordinated by young Bosnian composer Djordje Jovancic, who was tasked with adapting the composition for 40 hands. 

“This was very challenging,” Jovancic told BIRN.

“It was more maths than art, because I had to add up all the keys on the piano and all the fingers and then calculate the space on the keyboard so that everyone could move and play,” he said. 

The biggest message of this success, he said, is that Bosnian children of all ethnicities had achieved this together.

The students practiced for three months to reach their goal, he added. 

“These children gathered here today for a good cause, so they can together write some beautiful new pages in Bosnian history,” Jovancic said.

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