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25 Jan 13

Exhibition Highlights Glories of Medieval Bosnia

Two major exhibitions are planned at the History Museum in Sarajevo - despite the decayed state of the building - one of which casts fresh light light on the medieval kingdom of Bosnia.

Dnevni Avaz Sarajevo
A coin from the time of Bosnian King Tvrtko I Photo by Wikimedia Commons

The end of January will see the opening of a major exhibition in Sarajevo of Bosnian medieval coins, selected by the museum curator, Amar Karapus.

Visitors will have an opportunity to see coins of several rulers and kings of medieval Bosnia - Ban Stjepan I Kotromanic, Tvrtko I, Tvrtko II, Tomasa Ostojic and Stjepana Tomasevic.

Tvrtko I Kotromanic was the first King of Bosnia, who began his reign in 1377. He was replaced by Tvrtko II from 1404 to 1408, who abdicated only to resume his reign from 1421 to 1443.

The rest of the coins on exhibition were minted during the reigns of Tomas Ostojic and Stjepan Tomasevic - the last Bosnian King who died during the Ottoman invasion in 1463.

Through the display of old coins, visitors will have the chance to re-visit the history of the lost Bosnian kingdom.

The second exhibition will be of a valuable collection of Bosnian postal stamps from the era of Austria-Hungary, chosen by curator Alma Leka. According to Leka, the stamps were printed from July 1879 to October 1917.

From the earliest days of stamp collecting, this series has been very popular among collectors, as well as among those specializing in the stamps of the Austrian Empire, or of the Balkans.

Scenes on the stamps include landscapes of Bosnian towns and cities, such as Mostar, Jajce and Sarajevo, as well as a portrait of the Habsburg Emperor Franz Josef.

The History Museum will also host part of this year's "Sarajevo Winter" festival and will host two of its exhibitions.

The first is an exhibition of paintings by Zlatko Devic, while the second is a photo-exhibition of the Italian photographer Luigi Lusenti.

All the events will be organized in the mseum despite the worrying state of the building whose roof is leaking, which means that water in some places drips down the walls.

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