News 15 Nov 12

Bosniak Sentenced to 15 Years for Konjic Crimes

The Bosnian State Court has sentenced Eso Macic, an ex Bosnian army soldier, to 15 years in prison for war crimes against Serb civilians in Konjic.

Justice Report

Macic, a former camp guard in Celebici, was found guilty of killing one prisoner and abusing several others.

The Trial Chamber found that Macic was guilty of the murder of Milorad Kuljanin and abuse of Scepo Gotovac – who died shortly after – and three other cases of physical abuse of prisoners.

“Macic called Kuljanin, an elderly civilian, to come out of the hangar on Eid in June 1992. He ordered him to roll around in faeces in a latrine, and then shot him”, said Judge Jasmina Kosovic.

The Chamber did not accept the defence’s claims that this murder happened after the “gun went off by accident”.

Macic was also declared guilty of abusing the elderly civilian, Scepo Gotovac, with other guards in the camp, in June 1992.

“They beat him with legs, fists and rifle butts”, the judge said, adding that Gotovac died soon after.

The Chamber however, could not establish whether Macic was the one to land the “killer blow”.

Macic was found guilty of taking part in the beatings of Momir and Velibor Mrkajic, who were forced to enter a sewage hole within the camp, along with several other Serb prisoners.

The Trial Chamber was able to establish that Macic, with other guards, beat prisoners after the Celebici camp was visited by the International Red Cross in August 1992.

Macic’s alibi that at the time he was a guard in the Musala Sports Hall in Konjic, and not the Celebici camp, was not accepted.

Macic was freed of two counts of the indictment by which he was charged of abusing Branko Sinikovic in 1993 by hitting him in front of his home and abusing Novo Mojevic in the Musala camp in Konjic.

Macic was ordered into custody.

There is a possibility to appeal to this verdict.


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