News 25 Mar 08

Bosnia Victims Urge Montenegro Leader Talks

Sarajevo _ An association supporting families of deported and murdered Bosnian men has asked to meet Montenegro’s President and Prime Minister to seek apologies for the wartime deportation of their loved ones.

The Association of Srebrenica Women asks President Filip Vujanovic and Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic to “finally help us to give a noble burial to our relatives, who died directly as a result of your arrests and deportations, by telling us the truth about our loved ones.”

Thousands of Bosnian Muslims had sought refuge in Montenegro during the 1992-1995 Bosnian war, however many of them were deported back to Bosnia, where many of them were then killed.

“We call on all Montenegrin citizens to show human solidarity and to distance themselves from the murderers of our sons, and we support everybody in Montenegro who rejects the policy of the violation of human rights in the past and those who conceived it, carried it out, and tolerated such policies and would today like to simply forget about it,” reads the letter signed by Association President Hajra Catic.

The request to meet the leaders was sent as part of an initiative which has been launched for all victims to receive apologies.

Bosnia’s top Muslim cleric, the Reis-ul-ulem, Mustafa Ceric, has demanded the Montenegrin authorities “do what they have promised for years in their election campaigns.” Read more at:

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