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news 01 Nov 12

Bosnia Leaders Hatch Deal On Vital Issues

Zlatko Lagumdzija of the Social Democratic Party and Milorad Dodik of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats have signed a cooperation deal that will hopefully improve the workings of government and the economy.

Elvira M. Jukic

The Social Democratic Party, SDP, and the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, SNSD, met in Sarajevo on October 31 and agreed a list of measures to improve the economy, the workings of government and other key issues.

The SDP and SNSD said their programme would better protect Bosnian producers and regulate imports and exports. It would also bring changes to electoral law, the functioning of the administration and election of prosecutors.  

Lagumdzija said changes to the Law on the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council should be made so that the main prosecutors are chosen by the country's parliaments.

“Following the practice of European countries and neighboring Croatia... we agreed that the main prosecutors at all levels of government should be chosen by the authorized legislative bodies,” Lagumdzija said.

The deal about the electoral law should, according to their agreement, mean ballots being counted at municipal level in future, without a central counting center.

“We also agreed on dividing the money from Elektroprenos,” Dodik said referring to a dispute on the use of more than 100 million euro in the account of the state electric power distribution company.

The money was a source of discord between the country's two autonomous entities, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzgovina and the Republika Srpska, because they could not agree on how to divide it.

Dodik said they had now agreed to give just under half the money to the entity budgets and the rest will be set aside for investment projects.

He added that the agreement would be put into action as soon as possible and would improve the way the government functions in the country.

The two leaders said that they will present their decisions to the other four ruling parties in the state government.

These are the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ BiH and its sister party, HDZ 1990, the Serbian Democratic Party, SDS, and the Alliance for a Better Future, SBB.

On Wednesday, when the SDP-SNSD meeting started, several opposition parties complained that Dodik and Lagumdzija had no right to decide in the name of Bosnians on such a range of important issues.

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