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Bosnia ‘Lacks Resources’ for Terror Investigations

After two soldiers were killed in a suspected Islamist attack in Sarajevo last week, the Bosnian prosecution warned that it doesn’t have the manpower to handle such cases properly.

Denis Dzidic, Selma Ucanbarlic
Two soldiers were killed in a suspected Islamist attack in Sarajevo last week. Photo: BETA

The Bosnian state prosecution has opened an investigation into what it described as a “terrorist act” after a Bosniak shot dead two soldiers and injured another last Thursday - but its spokesperson told BIRN that its resources were already stretched and it needed more manpower to deal with such cases.

Spokesperson Boris Grubesic told BIRN that the investigation of the attack by gunman Enes Omeragic, who later killed himself at his home in Sarajevo, was being dealt with by the prosecution’s newly-formed terrorism unit.

“This crime has been qualified as terrorism and we will conduct an investigation to determine all the circumstances of the crime, the attacker and if he had some accomplices,” Grubesic said.

But he said that the new unit had just two prosecutors and needed more.

“We appeal to government institutions and [Bosnia’s judicial overseer] the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council to name the planned eight prosecutors we have needed for months because our current situation in which just two prosecutors are employed in the unit is not enough for efficient work against terrorism,” he said.

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