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news 17 Apr 13

Bosnian Journalists Alarmed by Lucic Threats

The Bosnian association of journalists said it felt concerned about hate speech in the media directed against Predrag Lucic, a Croatian journalist whose poetry has caused some offence.

Elvira M. Jukic

The Association of Journalists of Bosnia and Herzegovina on April 16 said it felt concerned about the threatening content of some forums and news portals that refer to Predrag Lucic, a Croatian writer and journalist.

Lucic presented a book of satirical poetry in Mostar in February after which a media campaign against him started online.

One column protesting about Lucic's poetry was published on Bosnjaci.net, a Bosniak group's news portal, calling his poetry offensive and supportive of genocide against Bosniaks.

This referred to Lucic's satirical poem about Croats killing Muslims in the village of Ahmici in central Bosnia in 1993.

The Ahmici massacre was one of the worst incidents of the 1992-95 war. The attack on the Muslim village began early in the morning while the villagers were sleeping.

Lucic's poem describes the pride some Croats felt in killing “little Muslims” in Ahmici, which the Association of Journalists deemed questionable, but not worthy of any kind of threats or negative campaigns.

“It is impermissible that the... work of Predrag Lucic and feelings of families of victims in Ahmici confront each other through targeted and designedly inflammatory and xenophobic media content,” the association said.

It added that such contents was tantamount to hate speech and an open call for a lynch which, according to the association, brought Lucic's own life in question.

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