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news 27 Nov 14

Bosnia Denies Busting Russian Sanctions on EU

Bosnia sought to assure Russia that it was not being used to transit agricultural products from EU countries and breach sanctions that Moscow imposed on Brussels amid the Ukraine crisis.

Elvira M. Jukic

The Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Ministry said on Wednesday that it had responded to Moscow’s request for details of exports from Bosnia to Russia.

The ministry said that Russia had asked for “information and data about the assortment and amount of certain kinds of agriculturist products grown in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014, agricultural lands, as well as average income of the grown products”.

Bosnia's Indirect Taxation Authority said it had also prepared data about the export of potatoes, cabbages, cauliflowers, apples, pears and grapes to Russia. 

“There was a certain increase in export of those products to Russia,” spokesman Ratko Kovacevic said. 

“When this data is compared to the production capacities of Bosnia and Herzegovina in these products, then it is completely clear that these are minor export amounts in comparison to what is produced in our country,” he added.

In the first nine months of this year, Bosnia exported 94 tons of potatoes to Russia, 3.5 tons of cabbages and cauliflowers, 610 tons of apple, 786 tons of pears and 53 tons of grapes.

Kovacevic saidof Russia wants to determine the origin of the products being imported in order to be sure that EU producers are not misusing Bosnian or similar markets. 

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