News 17 Oct 17

Bosnia Exhumes 137 War Victims at Koricani Cliffs

An exhumation at the Koricani Cliffs in Bosnia has revealed the remains of 137 Bosniak and Croat civilians, suspected victims of mass killings by police in 1992.

Dzana Brkanic
A commemoration in 2012 for those killed in the Koricani Cliffs massacre. Photo: BIRN.

Bosnia’s Institute for Missing Persons told BIRN on Tuesday that the remains of 137 people, including 86 skulls, were exhumed last month at the Koricani Cliffs near Prijedor, which was the site of a massacre of 200 Bosniak and Croat civilians in 1992.

Bone samples from the remains will be taken to the Sejkovaca Identification Centre in Sanski Most for DNA analysis.

“We expect at least 86 identities. Those are Bosniak and Croat civilians from the Prijedor area,” said Institute for Missing Persons’ spokesperson, Lejla Cengic.

According to court verdicts, around 200 civilians from Prijedor were killed at the Koricani Cliffs on August 21, 1992.

The verdicts said that the victims had been held in detention camps in the Prijedor area before they were killed by members of the police interventions squad from the Public Security Centre in Prijedor.

The Institute for Missing Persons has carried out exhumations the Koricani Cliffs in previous years as well, and discovered the remains of 117 other people.

However these remains did not account for all the people who were shot next to the cliffs.

Cengic also said that the remains of at least 11 victims were found at another exhumation in Vlasenica last month.

The remains will be kept at the Commemorative Centre in Tuzla until they are identified.

The search for the remains of at least 7,000 more people who went missing during the 1990s war still continues.

“A search of the terrain in the Sase mine in the Srebrenica area is taking place right now with the aim of tracing the remains of Bosniak victims who were killed in that area in 1992,” Cengic said.

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