News 08 Nov 17

Bosnia Charges Serb Ex-Soldier with Wartime Rape

The Bosnian state prosecution charged former Bosnian Serb Army serviceman Dalibor Krstovic with the rape and sexual abuse of a Bosniak woman in Kalinovik in 1992. 

Haris Rovcanin
The Bosnian state prosecution. Photo: BIRN.

The prosecution charged Krstanovic on Wednesday with committing crimes against humanity during a widespread and systematic attack on Bosniak civilians in Kalinovik.

The indictment alleges that Krstovic took his female victim from a school in Kalinovik, where Bosniaks, mostly women and children from Kalinovik, Gacko and neighbouring villages, were being held.

He threatened that if she resisted, he would kill or rape her children, who were held in the same school, the indictment alleges.

He then raped and sexually abused the woman, and allowed another soldier to rape her.

Krstovic lives in Belgrade and has Bosnian and Serbian passports.

This could mean that he will be unavailable for prosecution, as the two countries do not extradite their own citizens on war crimes warrants.

There is a protocol between the two countries on cooperation in prosecutions, which allows Serbia to take up the indictment and continue the case in Belgrade, but only a handful of cases have been processed since the agreement was signed in 2013.

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Bosnia Charges Serb Ex-Soldier with Wartime Rape