News 01 Dec 14

Bosnia Arrests Sarajevo War Rape Suspect

Former Serb paramilitary fighter Milkan Gojkovic was arrested on suspicion that he raped a woman in the Grbavica district of Sarajevo in 1992.

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The Grbavica district just after the war.

Photo: US Defence Department.

The Bosnian State Investigation and Protection Agency detained Gojkovic on Friday in Rogatica, where he lives, and the prosecution asked for him to be remanded in custody for a month.

He is suspected of raping a woman in front of her husband in Grbavica, which was under the control of Bosnian Serb forces during the wartime siege of the city.

The prosecution said that Gojkovic is suspected of being an accomplice of paramilitary fighter Veselin Vlahovic, alias ‘Batko’, who has already been convicted of wartime crimes in Grbavica, Vraca and Kovacici in Sarajevo.

Vlahovic was sentenced to 42 years for killing 35 people, raping 11 women, and abusing, torturing and robbing Bosniaks and Croats from May to July 1992.

Gojkovic denied he committed the rape.

“I was a participant in the war… I didn’t know why I was arrested. When they read me the charges, I wanted to throw up,” he said.

The prosecutor asked for Gojkovic to be remanded in custody, explaining that if he remains at large, he could influence witnesses and possible accomplices who the prosecution has yet to identify.

The prosecutor said that the woman who was raped also requires special protection.

The defence objected to the remand request, claiming that there is insufficient evidence that Gojkovic committed the crime.

Instead of detention, Gojkovic’s defence proposed less strict measures, explaining that the suspect is ill and must look after his elderly mother.

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