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News 14 Jun 13

Belgrade Safe as Danube Flood Wave Eases

While the River Danube inundated several central European cities, the Serbian capital is safe because the waters are not expected to rise above the regular flood defence limit.

BIRN, Vecernje Novosti

The Danube flood peak is expected to reach Belgrade by June 17. However, Serbia’s department of emergency situations says Belgraders should not be worried because the rising waters will not cause any serious problems for the city.

Officials explained that although the level of Danube is rising about 30 centimetres per day, the river’s flood wave will lose its torrential power by the time it reaches the capital.

On June 11, the level of the Danube and Sava rivers was about one metre below the line that represents the regular flood defence limit.

The city’s public company in charge of water, Beogradvode, which is monitoring the situation, also stated on June 11 that the Danube is expected to reach the level of regular flood defence but will not reach the emergency flood defence level.

Floods caused by heavy rain in central Europe have been causing serious problems in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. At least 15 people have died and several more have been reported missing as a result of the deluge.

The highest level of the Danube in Belgrade in recent years was recorded in 2006. The regular level of flood defence is at 550cm, but seven years ago, the river reached 783cm.

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