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Balkan Rulers Who Just Won’t Say Goodbye

Kings may have departed from the Balkan stage but many of the region’s current leaders weild power in monarchical style - clinging to office for decades. Here is the selection of ten politicans who think it is never the right time to bow out.

Dusica Tomovic, Perparim Isufi, Sinisa Jakovic Marusic, Igor Spaic, Vanja Djuric, Maja Zivanovic, Maria Cheresheva
Podgorica, Pristina, Skopje, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Sofia
Milo Djukanovic. Photo:

Milo Djukanovic: Montenegro’s Leader for Life

Although he officially left the Prime Minister’s post in last October, many believe Milo Djukanovic still pulls all the strings in Montenegro.

A master of metamorphosis, who morphed from Serbian nationalist into a passionate advocate of NATO and the EU, Montenegro’s veteran leader is the champion of survival in politics not only in the Balkans but in the whole of Europe.

Djukanovic held power continuously from 1989 until he “voluntarily” stepped down after last October’s elections and left the Prime Minister’s post to a close ally, the former intelligence chief and then Deputy Prime Minister, Dusko Markovic.

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