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19 Nov 12

Photographers from the region Exhibit in Belgrade

The touring exhibition of photo-essays "SEE New Perspectives“ made by the Balkan photographers has opened at the Artget Gallery in Belgrade.

Nemanja Cabric
BIRN Belgrade
Visitors looking at the photo stories | Photo courtesy of the organizers

The exhibition, which was opened on Saturday night, displays some 20 photo essays made by 15 photographers, on the topic of 'New Perspectives'.

Each photo essay is accompanied by a large poster, and a booklet containing descriptions and the remaining photos from the story.

The essays feature wide range of subjects including the Balkan kitchens, the Albanian heavy metal fans, arranged marriages between Albanians and Serbs and the depiction of student life in Bulgaria.

The exhibition is a part of a master class organized by World Press Photo and the Robert Bosh Stiftung foundation with an aim to contribute to the professional development of photographers, as well as to bring up a discussion about important social issues in the Balkans.

The photographers agree that being involved in the project helped them to go deeper in the stories they are working on, meet new colleagues from other countries, as well as too promote their carriers internationally.

Marko Risovic said that he is satisfied with the exhibition and the project as it contributes to the power of photography to shed a light on certain problems, and points towards the ways of solving them.

“Our mission is to contribute to changes and to transmit messages, ideas or stories to other people,“ Risovic said.

Jetmir Idrizi said that this project gave him a respite from daily newspaper journalism and allowed him to focus on one particular problem.

“It was helpful because I had more opportunity to play with my subject, to do it my own way, and also get professional advice,“ Idrizi explained.

Nemanja Pancic added that he hopes that projects like this would help photography as well as culture in general to gain back the influence it once had in the Balkan countries.
“Today, photography is not viewed as an art form, or as someone’s expression, but only as something colourful that simply exists,“ said Pancic.

The director of Robert Bosh Stiftung foundation, Sandra Breka, said that that the exhibition aims to find new perspectives by examining the “the view of the other“ in the region.

“If you look what we have today, for example, media coverage of the Hague decisions, we see how present the past is and how everything goes back to what have happened several years ago.  There are good reasons for it, but the understanding between countries is also important, as well as that people know how other people live,“ Breka explained.

Breka concluded that the exhibitions unique design, made by artist Jeroen de Vries from the Netherlands, as well as interactive features such as the chat box and the website, helps to establish understanding and a broader discussion on the issues presented.

The managing director of World Press Photo, Michiel Munneke, said that the project helped photographers not only to improve technical skills, but also to enhance their visual storytelling.

“We consider the project that we launched with the Robert Bosh Stiftung as a part of our Academy. We are happy to be able to setup this programme, as it enables photographers to really learn“, he said.

The exhibition was already displayed in Sarajevo last month, and after December 14, when it closes in Belgrade, it will be shown in Zagreb and Berlin.

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