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Serbian Street Named After Nazi Collaborator Revealed

Anti-fascist activists have identified a previously little-known street named after Milan Nedic, head of Serbia’s World War II Nazi collaborationist government, in the town of Arandjelovac.

Filip Rudic
Painted-out street sign bearing Milan Nedic's name. Photo: Facebook/Ne rehabilitaciji.

Anti-fascist activists in the central town of Arandjelovac have painted over a street sign bearing the name of Milan Nedic, head of Serbia’s WWII-era Nazi collaborationist government, simultaneously revealing the existence of the tribute to Nedic to the wider public in the country.

“Until tonight we had no idea that the fascist criminal and servant of the German Nazis has a street in the state of Serbia. We couldn’t believe it even after this action by Arandjelovac anti-fascists, until we checked Google Maps,” the Anti-Fascist Action group from the northern city of Novi Sad said in a statement on Thursday night.

Google Maps suggests that General Milan Nedic Street in Arandjelovac is currently the only street named after the WWII leader in Serbia.

The municipality of Arandjelovac did not answer BIRN’s calls, and it remains unclear how long the street has been named after Nedic.

Anti-Fascist Action said that even nationalists who have been in power in Serbia over the past 30 years did not “name streets after World War II fascists”.

Nedic headed the so-called Government of National Salvation, a puppet government in Serbia during World War II that operated from August 1941 to October 1944, when it was evacuated from Belgrade to Austria.

Soon afterwards, Nedic was captured by the Allies and transferred back to Yugoslavia. The Communist authorities charged him with collaboration with the Germans and treason but the legal process was cut short when he committed suicide in a prison cell in February 1946.

The US State Department said the Nazi-backed Serbian government of Milan Nedic was responsible for most of the WWII-era deaths of Serbia’s Jews.

Nedic’s posthumous rehabilitation is currently being considered before the Higher Court in Belgrade, at the request of his descendants.

The picture of the street sign covered with red paint first appeared on a private Facebook profile and was shared by the Ne rehabilitaciji (‘No to Rehabilitation’) page, which opposes the rehabilitation of WWII criminals and collaborationists.

Ne rehabilitaciji shared the image but did not claim responsibility for painting over the street sign.

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Serbian Street Named After Nazi Collaborator Revealed



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