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11 Mar 08

'All Of Kosovo' Under UN Mandate

Pristina _ The United Nations is resolute to administer Kosovo in its entirety, the chief of the mission to the territory, Joachim Ruecker said during Monday's visit to the Serb-dominated town of Zubin Potok.

Ruecker met local Serbs and the representatives of the only ethnic Albanian village in Zubin Potok municipality, Caber.

“I made clear to them that the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, UNMIK, is committed to exercise its mandate all over Kosovo,” Ruecker said.

Ruecker also said he has “asked the local authorities to condemn the recent violence, which is not the means of achieving any goal.”

He referred to incidents where local Serbs set two crossings along the border with Serbia ablaze in the days following the declaration of independence by ethnic Albanian leaders in Pristina.

Meanwhile European Union Foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels on Monday called on UNMIK “to secure all borders in Kosovo,” at a time when many concern that Belgrade could try to partition the territory taking areas north of the River Ibar, where many ethnic Serbs live.

UNMIK has administered Kosovo since the end of the 1998-1999 conflict between Serbian forces and Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority. The administration is set to be replaced by a new EU law and order mission that has begun deploying to the territory.

However ministers at Monday’s meeting signalled that “UNMIK may remain longer.” Read more at: http://www.balkaninsight.com/en/main/news/8502/

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