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News 06 Sep 17

Serbia Promises Albanian Drone Flyer 'Fair' Trial

Serbia's Justice Minister said the Albanian citizen wanted in Serbia for flying a drone with flag depicting a map of ‘Greater Albania’ during a football match would get a fair trial in Belgrade.

Maja Zivanovic

Serbian Justice Minister, Nela Kuburovic. Photo: Facebook/Serbian Justice Ministry

Serbian Justice Minister Nela Kuburovic on Wednesday said that Serbian courts would guarantee a fair trial to Ismail Morina, an Albanian whose extradition from Croatia has been requested by the Serbian authorities.

“As for the case, the decision of the Justice Minister of Croatia should be awaited, but I believe ... that Morina will be extradited to Serbia in order for the criminal proceedings to be initiated before the High Court in Belgrade,” Kuburovic told Serbia's state news agency, Tanjug.

She also added that speculation that Morina would not get a fair trial in Serbia was "not true".

Croatia's Supreme Court on Tuesday said that Morina could be extradited to Belgrade, where he is wanted for allegedly flying a drone carrying the flag of a "Greater Albania" at a Serbia-Albania football match in 2014.

The incident caused a major row between the two countries.

In its decision, on August 30, Croatia's Supreme Court rejected an appeal from Morina’s lawyer, who claimed there had been procedural errors and that the facts about the case had been wrongly established.

Morina applied for political asylum in Croatia in July, and Justice Minister Drazen Bosnjakovic will have to sign an extradition order to send him to Serbia.

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