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News 04 Jan 13

Top Albanian Officials Named as Tax Debtors

Data obtained by Balkan Insight shows Albania’s president, parliamentary speaker, several ministers and more than a third of parliament owe vehicle registration taxes.

Besar Likmeta
Albania's parliament during a plenary session

According to Albania's road tax collection agency, President Bujar Nishani and speaker of parliament Jozefina Topalli both have unpaid taxes from 2010 for their personal vehicles.

Officials listed as debtors by the agency also include finance minister Ridvan Bode, transport minister Sokol Olldashi, health minister Vangjel Tavo and culture minister Aldo Bumci.

Apart from the four ministers, 45 other MPs from the 140-seat parliament owe vehicle registration taxes, including lawmakers from both the governing centre-right coalition and the Socialist opposition.

Albanian Officials and MPs Who Owe Vehicle Registration Taxes   

  Tag nr.    Owner                   Region              Date

  1. TR0231F Sadri Ismail Abazi TIRANE  25.07.2005
  2. TR7170F Arben Novruz Ahmetaj TIRANE  16.05.2008
  3. TR5110K Ilir Andrea Bano TIRANE  25.02.2005
  4. TR2909L Besnik Mitat Baraj TIRANE 02.12.2010
  5. TR3885S Bujar Faik Nishani TIRANE  20.05.2010
  6. TR2800S Koço Spiro Barka TIRANE  14.07.2010
  7. TR5508J Fatos Asllan Beja TIRANE  20.05.2009
  8. TR0402M Marko Naun Bello TIRANE  19.06.2006
  9. TR8426N Ritvan Vait Bode TIRANE  03.08.2009
  10. TR9839J Luçiano Dhimiter Boçi TIRANE  29.04.2005
  11. TR2571U Erion Mirdash Braçe TIRANE  09.08.2010
  12. TR2155N Raimonda Skënder Bulku TIRANE  28.04.2010
  13. TR1490I Aldo Tonin Bumçi TIRANE  04.08.2010
  14. TR5390U Ramiz Myftar Çobaj TIRANE  05.11.2010
  15. TR0566L Arben Kristaq Çuko TIRANE  01.11.2010
  16. TR0902L Arta Agim Dade TIRANE  25.08.2005
  17. TR2942I Alfred Maliq Dalipi TIRANE  25.06.2010
  18. TR1497T Ndrec Ndue Dedaj TIRANE  18.11.2010
  19. TR6444U Mesila Fatmir Doda TIRANE  06.12.2010
  20. TR8767D Asllan Shaban Dogjani TIRANE  05.02.2009
  21. TR1853L Tom Gjek Doshi TIRANE  09.03.2010
  22. TR7746T Vangjel Jorgo Dule TIRANE  23.04.2010
  23. TR4254F Besnik Xhafer Dushaj TIRANE  10.09.2009
  24. TR8575T Damian Lek Gjiknuri TIRANE  13.05.2010
  25. TR3182S Sybi Reshit Hida TIRANE  15.05.2010
  26. TR2191L Shpetim Hysni Idrizi TIRANE  09.10.2007
  27. TR8787N Arben Astrit Isaraj TIRANE 03.09.2007
  28. TR7077F Gjovalin Pjeter Kadeli TIRANE  04.04.2009
  29. TR2422M Fatbardh Agim Kadilli TIRANE  28.10.2010
  30. TR8788T Ndue Marash Kola TIRANE  14.05.2010
  31. TR5560J Valentina Abedin Leskaj TIRANE  20.05.2009
  32. TR4184J Shegush Osman Ligori TIRANE  30.04.2009
  33. TR3148N Mark Pjeter Marku TIRANE  27.05.2008
  34. TR5949L Florjon Prokop Mima TIRANE 12.08.2010
  35. TR8808T Qemal Tahir Minxhozi TIRANE  18.05.2010
  36. DR0350F Gazmend Nuri Oketa DURRES  22.10.2010
  37. TR0003N Sokol Vangjel Olldashi TIRANE 14.07.2009
  38. TR0055T Ndue Llesh Paluca TIRANE  16.10.2009
  39. TR8362N Dashamir Myslim Peza TIRANE  09.09.2008
  40. TR8419L Dritan Vlash Prifti TIRANE 23.06.2010
  41. TR0008N Xhemal Myslim Qefalia TIRANE  01.03.2007
  42. TR6194F Eduart Pajtim Shalsi TIRANE 29.04.2003
  43. TR4281P Tritan Masar Shehu TIRANE  10.03.2010
  44. TR7922K Luan Shyqyri Skuqi TIRANE 27.05.2005
  45. TR1581M Paulin Nikolle Sterkaj TIRANE  21.07.2006
  46. TR5385U Vangjel Llambi Tavo TIRANE  05.11.2010
  47. TR0379R Dashamir Mehmet Tahiri TIRANE  06.07.2009
  48. TR1995L Jozefina Filip Topalli TIRANE  13.10.2010
  49. TR6767N Arenca Vehbi Trashani TIRANE  19.07.2007
  50. TR1600R Fatmir Sezai Xhafaj TIRANE  28.07.2010
  51. TR2107L Luiza Mihal Xhuvani TIRANE  16.12.2009

The spokesperson for the president’s office, Irma Toptani, declined to comment on the allegations when contacted by Balkan Insight.

However parliamentary speaker Topalli told Balkan Insight through a spokesperson that the taxes on her vehicle have been settled, but were simply paid slightly late.

“The taxes have been paid, not on the due date but a month later, as it is a vehicle that her husband uses,” said her spokesperson Suela Ruseti.

However, the head of Albania's General Directorate of Services for Road Transportation, Arben Pinari, told Balkan Insight that the agency's list of debtors is constantly updated.

“Our register has been updated on a day-to-day basis over the course of this year,” Pinari said.

Although the agency itself cannot directly collect the unpaid taxes, Pinari underlined that every year it sends the list of debtors to the tax authorities to ensure they are collected.

“We are legally bound to send the list to the tax authorities, which should start the procedures for their collection, through orders of sequester or by sending the names to the state police,” he said.

According to Pinari, a part of these unpaid taxes relates to vehicles that might not exist any more but whose owners have failed to deregister them; however, he stressed that such cases represent a small portion of the debts.

The agency does not list only high officials as debtors but also state institutions such as the president’s office that have outstanding taxes owing for their vehicles.

Pinari explained that the problems with state institutions, which represent a small part of the list, arise not only because they do they not pay their bills, but also because they sometimes do not bother to deregister a vehicle that has been scrapped.

“Sometimes accountants in a state institution would simply forget to pay the bill or their funds would run out,” Pinari said. “There are institutions that have put the vehicles out of service, but have failed to deregister them, which costs only 600 lek (4.30 euro),” he said.     

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