news 28 Sep 12

Two Kosovo Serbs Arrested Over Wartime Rape

Two Kosovo Serbs, who are suspected of having raped Kosovo Albanian women during the 1998-1999 war, have been placed under house arrest for a month.

Fatmir Aliu

The EU rule of law mission to Kosovo, EULEX, police arrested the first suspect, Dj.B, on Thursday morning, at Babin Most, a village some 15 kilometres north of Pristina, and searched his house.

The second suspect, J.D., was apprehended in the village of Priluzje.

“A EULEX pre-trial judge ordered one month house detention for two suspects arrested in a joint operation by EULEX police and Kosovo police in a war crimes related case,” EULEX told BIRN on Friday.

The two men are suspected of committing war crimes against the civilian population by raping Kosovo Albanian women in April 1999.

The first suspect, Dj.B, is said to have been a police officer, based in the Mitrovica district during the 1998-1999 war in Kosovo .

The case is being investigated by a EULEX Special Prosecutor from the Special Prosecution Office of Kosovo (SPRK).

During the conflict, dozens of raped women from the village of Studime e Eperme and other villages in the Vucitrn / Vushtrri area, were treated by the humanitarian NGO Doctors Without Borders.

However, EULEX did not provide any details of the alleged crimes, or the location where the crimes took place.

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